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Privacy Policy

This document is intentionally not written in lawyer-speak. We don't promise every legal eventuality is covered here but we've tried to be as clear and open as possible. Privacy matters and we want to get this right. If you have any questions about this stuff please contact directors John Arnold or Ruth Heasman through our office email address, The office can put you in touch with us by phone if necessary.

In the course of doing business we do collect some personal data. Our site is designed so that you can create your tickets and vouchers without ever needing to give us any personal data. This is intentional because we hate sites that build marketing mailing lists by collecting data they don't really need. We're not like that. We want to respect your privacy and not ask for anything more than we absolutely need. Only when you decide to buy do we ask for anything.

Who is collecting the data?

Performance Ticket Printers Ltd are collecting this data. It is stored in databases operated by the business and is accessible only to Performance Ticket Printers staff. Those databases form part of our website and also our back end systems at our office. Data is collected only for the purposes of operating Performance Ticket Printers business.

What data do we collect?

When you decide to buy something from us you'll need to give us an email address, a name, and a postal address. And of course you'll need to pay. We use a payment company called Sagepay to handle taking the money so during our checkout process you'll be handed over to them and as we do we'll tell them what information we already have for you. That's to make filling in the payment forms easier. We never see any credit card information from our payment provider. We simply get a yes or no telling us whether the payment succeeded along with some indication of what went wrong if something did.

After you've paid you'll have an account on our system. That account contains your name, your email address, any postal addresses and telephone numbers you gave us and a record of what you ordered.

How will we use your data?

We collect as little data as we can. The data we do collect is necessary for delivering the products you ordered from us. We couldn't do the job you asked us to without it.

We sometimes send out emails to customers who have ordered from us. We do this as part of the order process to keep you informed about the status of your order. We may use your e-mail address to send you information about products or services that are the same as or similar to those that you have ordered from us and that we think you may find useful. We will do so only if you have indicated that you do not object to being contacted for these purposes. At any stage you have the right to ask us to stop using your personal data for direct marketing purposes by turning the option "Allow marketing emails" off in your My Account page or by contacting us at

We also collect some logs showing the steps you took while you're on our site. We do this to help diagnose and debug problems with the site. So if something breaks we might look at our logs to see what happened. We also improve our site by looking at that data in aggregate. Our website is how we take the vast majority of our orders. It is essential that it runs smoothly and so we collect this data because we consider the smooth running of our order process to be essential to our business.

Some data about your order is also collected by Google and Facebook as part of our order process. This includes the items ordered and their value but not your name or address. This is part of our website analytics process and is also used to improve our website, our advertising and our order process.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

We will only ever share your data with a third party where it is necessary for us to do so in order to deliver you the goods and service you have requested.

We may give data to our payment provider so that they can take payment from you. We may give data to the Royal Mail or a courier company so that they can deliver your goods to you.

How long will the data be stored for?

In the past we wouldn't have removed customer accounts from our website. With the arrival of GDPR we'll look again at whether customer accounts should be removed. It does sometimes happen that customers don't order for a few years and them come back to us after a protracted break. So by default we'll keep accounts for a number of years. This policy will be updated when we've picked a number and updated our system to allow purging of old accounts.

However, if you would like your data removed from our system at any time you can simply let us know and we will remove your information from both of our databases (website and back office).

What rights do I have regarding my personal data?

You are entitled to be obtain free-of-charge information concerning data stored about your person and, as the case may be, to correct, restrict the processing, enable the portability of, or delete those data.

If you have any questions about how we collect, process or use your personal data, want to enquire about, correct, block or delete your data, or withdraw any consents you have given, or opt-out of any particular data use, please contact us directly using the contact data provided in our site notice.

You may also submit a complaint to the responsible data protection supervisory authority.

How can I raise a complaint?

If you think we've done something wrong then please email us at We watch our mailbox all day and typically respond very quickly to enquiries. You can also phone us on 01260 276164 but if you do have a complaint we urge you to make it in writing as well as calling us so that we can both see a record of what's happened.


Our site wouldn't work at all if our server kept forgetting who you were every minute. That's where cookies help. We store a little cookie with a random number in it. That number is sent to our servers when you load a page and it lets us know that you're the same person we were talking to a moment ago. Servers are kinda forgetful without cookies.

So we do use cookies to remember who you are as you use our site. In fact we require that cookies are enabled - the site won't work for you without them. We also use cookies to remember your shopping basket number so that if you come back later you can still see the designs you worked on last time. All of our cookies are first party cookies - the safe kind that don't invade your privacy.

We use google adsense to advertise our site and google analytics to track traffic patterns. This helps us to understand where our customers are going in the site, where they found problems and how they found us. It's all very standard stuff but it's possible they use cookies too. It's no problem to us if you want to block google's cookies. Go right ahead.

There are no banner ads or cross-site banner tracking cookies on our site.


We use a lot of javascript on the site. You'll need to have it turned on or the site's going to break big-time.

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