Privacy Policy

What we collect and why

Performance Ticket Printers ( only makes money by selling printed materials. Any data we collect about you is solely for those purposes or for improving our services. We never sell or pass over customer data to third parties unless it's necessary for producing or delivering the printed goods you've requested.

We only collect data about you when you place an order or request something from us like samples or proofs. For samples we'll need a postal address and for proofs we just need an email address.

When you place an order we need your name, address and contact details such as telephone number and email address. We need these so that we can ship your goods to you and contact you if anything goes wrong.

We may occasionally send promotional emails about new products, special offers or changes to our services that may be of interest to you. We promise to keep this activity to an absolute minimum.


All your private data is held in a database secured by passwords and firewalls. Your login password is stored as a salted hash - that means that not even we can see what your password is.

No payment card details are stored in our database at all.

All payments are handled by our payment provider, SagePay, and they're uber security conscious. Trust me, I had to write the code to integrate with their systems and they made me jump through a ton of hoops to prove that our process was secure and reliable.


Our site wouldn't work at all if our server kept forgetting who you were every minute. That's where cookies help. We store a little cookie with a random number in it. That number is sent to our servers when you load a page and it lets us know that you're the same person we were talking to a moment ago. Servers are kinda forgetful without cookies.

So we do use cookies to remember who you are as you use our site. In fact we require that cookies are enabled - the site won't work for you without them. We also use cookies to remember your shopping basket number so that if you come back later you can still see the designs you worked on last time. All of our cookies are first party cookies - the safe kind that don't invade your privacy.

We use google adsense to advertise our site and google analytics to track traffic patterns. This helps us to understand where our customers are going in the site, where they found problems and how they found us. It's all very standard stuff but it's possible they use cookies too. It's no problem to us if you want to block google's cookies. Go right ahead.

There are no banner ads or cross-site banner tracking cookies on our site.


We use a lot of javascript on the site. You'll need to have it turned on or the site's going to break big-time.

Data Protection Act (1998)

All the personally identifiable data held by Performance Ticket Printers is used in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act (1998). As per the act you can request details of personal data we hold about you. Please contact us for that information. If you think some of that information is wrong you can contact us to correct it.

By contacting us you can also request that we delete your account and all data we store about you if you wish.