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Basic Tickets

Create your artwork in 4 easy steps..
Step 1: Choose a template
Basic tickets are high quality and extremely affordable. They have three perforated tear-off stubs and a pre-printed background in a variety of colours. As with all our tickets you can create and proof your design here on the website and we have a variety of layouts available.
make your own tickets, design your own tickets using a uk ticket printing company with professional ticket templates. Perfect for event ticket printing for festivals, parties, concerts, plays, performances, discos and gigs.
Basic Ticket 4
Basic Ticket 5
Basic Ticket 3
Basic Ticket 2
Basic Ticket 1
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Step 3
Dimensions205 x 63.5mm
Print colourblack only
Perforationsup to 3
Book size up to 150
Minimum order is 100 tickets. This can be split over multiple designs.
+ postage £4.26
+ VAT £4.77
Total £28.63